The Eagle has flown the coop

My parents are now at the Las Vegas airport waiting for their flight back to rainy Albany. It’s 100 degrees and sunny here in Henderson and in Albany it’s 64 degrees and rainy.

We enjoyed seeing grandma and grandpa for a few hours yesterday and today, and going out to dinner with them last night. Grandma’s not feeling that great so she didn’t even sit in sacrament meeting at church with us today, she spent the time out in the foyer.

While we went to the other two hours of church they came home, packed, ate lunch and relaxed before being cooped up in an airplane for the rest of the day.

My dad has to report to work tomorrow. I’m sure that’ll be a rude awakening after three weeks of vacation.

We’re all anxious to learn tomorrow or Tuesday whether or not their offer on the property in New Harmony was accepted. If it is, that’ll begin the long process of selecting a floor plan, general contractor, etc., to make their retirement home a reality. Glad it’s not me.

As an aside, every time the elders quorum helps someone move I think, “I’m so glad this is not me!” Moving and dealing with construction/remodeling must be some of the most challenging things in our society.

Here’s wishing Grandma and Grandpa Codella safe travels and a soft landing in New York. We’ll miss them until next time.

Grandpa and Eliana on his birthday and her kindergarten graduation night.

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