A retirement home in New Harmony?

We learned late this afternoon that my parents have made an offer on a 3.8 acre lot in New Harmony, Utah, just south of Cedar City. They’ll know early next week whether or not the owner has accepted their offer.

I must say I’m surprised they were able to find something they could agree on so quickly. They seem pretty pleased with their decision so I hope it works out for them.

They’re playing it pretty safe settling in southern Utah, since Brian and his family are in northern Utah and we’re in Las Vegas, they’re looking right in between us.

I’ve convinced my mom to write her first entry for the Codella Family Blog, so I’ll let her tell more of the story.

I’ll work on some photos for her post too.

Here’s a Google Maps link to the neighborhood, Harmony Heights. The lot they made an offer on is on the west side of 500 East at about 1200 South. (Note: Google says the city is Hurricane, but that’s incorrect. It’s New Harmony.)

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