The great search continues

We received a voice message tonight that my parents—who are hunting in southern Utah for a place to call home after my dad retires in a few years—are extending their trip and will be back in Vegas on Saturday afternoon before flying back to New York on Sunday.

We hope they’re having fun researching and potentially choosing a place. It’s interesting, even entertaining, to watch them go through this process.

Meanwhile, Eliana and Vickey conspired to host a last day of school party at our home tonight. So we’re getting ready to welcome a dozen matriculated kindergartners at our place. Should be very fun!

I’m hoping to complete the set-up of our new Windows Vista computer by this weekend. It has been time consuming getting everything working correctly again.

Work has been a bit slow lately so I’ve been working on a much-needed website for my company, something I just haven’t had the time to do for a couple of years.

A huge weather front came through the other night so our temperatures have been cooler and quite nice. We’re enjoying that.

Well, it’s off to moderate the little ones.

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