A trip to Kwik-e Mart and 110 in the Shade

Tonight I went for my standard three mile jog on the city jogging path. It’s ‘standard’ because that’s the route I take, not because it happens with regular frequency.

Does the title of the 1960s Broadway show, and recent revival, 110 in the Shade mean anything to you? Let’s just say it’s hot, even at 9 p.m.

Earlier tonight we went on a little family outing (the two Nelson girls accompanied us, as you’ll see below) to the Simpsons movie-inspired Kwik-e Mart in Henderson. The kids enjoyed one of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon’s Squishees. Yes, life does imitate art (and I use the term ‘art’ very loosely).





Good luck to Angie tomorrow with her knee surgery. Here’s hoping they’re able to get in, get out and help you quickly get on the road to recovery.

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