Dominic’s broken leg

Where to start?

It’s 2 a.m. and I’ve been up for 21 hours.

Dominic has a circular fracture on his left femur. The injury was self inflicted as he ran around the living room after dinner tonight. I was washing dishes. Vickey was making salsa in preparation for her home show tonight. Eliana was in the bathroom and Tank was in his crate.

We heard a fall on the carpet, a pop followed by loud, angry screaming. We knew right away Dominic was hurt and when he was holding his left leg and wouldn’t stand on it, we knew it was time for x-rays.

The only two items on the living room floor were the shoes he had removed from his feet just before dinner. He must have tripped on one of them and fell down in a twisting motion to fracture his leg bone like that.

I took him to the hospital a little after 6 p.m. while Vickey wrapped up preparations for her 7 p.m. clothing show here.

Eliana came with me and Amber was kind enough to come pick her up and take her to her house about an hour later. Ellie’s spending the night at Mark and Amber’s.

We saw a couple doctors, a half-dozen nurses, three x-ray technicians, four cops, a detective and the Clark County family services worker. Vickey and I are suspects in the case. Weird…I never thought I’d type those words. It’s complicated and unfounded, but it’s good there are people doing those jobs to protect innocent children.

At any rate, Dominic’s at St. Rose de Lima in the pediatric ICU (not that his injury is life threatening, just that that’s where they told us they had room, but we think they just want us under surveillance). Vickey’s there with him (she came to the hospital around 10 p.m. after her show and a phone call from the social worker, realizing we weren’t coming home after a couple x-rays and a leg cast).

This picture says it all. The cast goes from his ribs to his toes (at least on his broken leg).

Poor little Dominic. He’s in a body cast for five to six weeks. Now won’t that make life interesting?

Keep us in your prayers. And if you’re reading this on Nov. 29, please don’t call me until after 7 a.m. Vegas time. You can call Vickey if you want. She’s got her mobile with her at the hospital and probably won’t get much sleep tonight. Dominic keeps trying to move then screams because of the pain.

Hopefully we’ll have Dominic home with us sometime tomorrow. We’ll just have to figure out arrangements for a different type of car seat and how we’re going to tend to a two-and-a-half year-old who’s in a body cast.

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