Eliana’s kindergarten graduation

Tonight we rushed through dinner, dashed off to Cox Elementary School, ran into the cafeteria and dropped off a plate of our famous Reese’s peanut butter cookies just in time for the procession to begin and Eliana to walk in with her schoolmates.

The kids sang along to a soundtrack in front of a full cafeteria—songs like the ABCs and Supercalafragalistic Expialadocious. They also each got to walk up on the stage to receive a ‘diploma’ and stand with their teacher and principal for a photo op.

By the time they got to the distributing of diplomas I had been outside, as had grandpa, with Dominic a half-dozen times; I had changed Dominic’s poopy diaper; we were already sweating from the no air conditioning status of the school (the A/C died earlier this week . . . and yes, it’s 100 degrees); and Vickey had taken Ellie out of her class grouping to take her to the bathroom since she failed to do that before we left the house and wouldn’t stop holding herself during the sing-a-long part of the program.

Here’s Eliana after graduation with her teacher, Mrs. Gupton.

Then we came home and welcomed a few of our extended family—my two cousins and their families—to our home to celebrate Grandpa Pete’s birthday with conversation, cake and ice cream. There was some trampoline rambunctiousness from the kiddies as well.

It was just a crazy night.

Eliana received several graduation gifts which I’m sure felt like an early birthday celebration to her. Grandpa received a few things too. And the cake and ice cream were really good.
What else can I say?

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