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Missionary Journal – May 28, 1989

I can’t believe it, two more days in New York at home! This is becoming more and more of a reality every day.

John had his farewell today. It was very nice. I sang at it. I had a hard time making it through my song because I was so emotionally involved in it by the time I got to the end.

I had an enjoyable time at church today, even though it seemed like forever before we got home again.

President Merrill set me apart to be a missionary this afternoon around 12:45. Mom copied the setting apart down. He gave me a lot of advice, including the fact that he believes I’ll get tagged as a good missionary the second I get out there and I’ll be given all the challenging companions… great! I know I’ll learn to love people through this whole thing, regardless of their faults.

I had a great time being with the family today, just joking and talking (but Angie’s not back yet).

Tonight the Gabriels had a get-together that was very nice. It ended on a spiritual note of past missionaries relating stories. John was there too.

I went over to his house after that — yes, I got home a little late (11:20 p.m.), oh well. Man, I’m jealous of him and Samantha. They’re ready to get married. In fact, they’ve set a date: Jan. 5, 1992. Well, I guess I’ll only have a roommate for one semester!

But, I’m not ready to get married now, so I’m glad I’m not in his shoes now. My time will come soon enough.

Laura is so cool about all this. We talked a little today. I admire her a lot. She’s strong. She did tell me before that if I didn’t like her she could stop liking me, “make those feelings go away,” is how she put it. Well, she has done that, and so have I. I just think we’re too much alike.

You can call me Elder Codella now!

Oh, Grandma Codella called today. I couldn’t believe it. She was all emotional and crying when she talked to us. I tried to handle it well and comfort her by saying she could see me while I was out in the field, and I do believe that’s true because she’s not a member. I promised her I’d write one time every month so she can share my mission with me. She said she’d like that very much.

Missionary Setting Apart

By President Hyde M. Merrill
Albany New York Stake

Peter Joseph Codella II, in the name of Jesus Christ and by the power and authority of the Holy Melchizedek priesthood which we hold, and holding the appropriate keys form the Church president and Council of the Twelve, I set you apart as a missionary for the time being in the Utah Ogden Mission for the next two years.

We confer upon you all the rights, privileges and blessings of this calling and bless you with the necessary keys of missionary work. Elder, we bless you that you might be effective in using these keys.

We bless you that the testimony you develop will be a source of strength to you, your companion, and with those with whom you will work. We bless you with love for those with whom you will work, that you will know the wants and understandings of their hearts. We bless you to say and to the things that are pleasing unto the Lord. We bless you with wisdom which you can use to change the course of people’s lives.

We bless you to study and learn the scriptures and learn what you need to know; know your way around the scriptures and carry the Spirit into the homes of those whom you teach. Be the best missionary you are capable of being.

We bless you that whatever may befall you during your mission will be for your good, and that you will have no need or cause to worry about it.

We send you forth now and bless you as you serve your Father in Heaven, and we do so in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


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