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Missionary Journal – May 29, 1989

Brian and I spent a few hours this morning switching rooms. All my stuff is in his old room now; the smallest one. It’s a neat change though, so it’s okay. Still, leaving the room I lived in for so long definitely makes a change and “an end of a chapter in my life,” as mom puts it.

Angie came home around 5 p.m. We had a nice barbeque dinner tonight.

I went and saw Julia this afternoon. Of course, I took Brian so we wouldn’t be alone (Jul and I, that is). It’s weird knowing I’m on mission rules now. Anyway, she gave me some stationery and a really nice Cross pen. I’m using it now and will always use it to write in my journal.

Tomorrow I’ve got a lot of friends to say goodbye to and a lot of packing to do. I’ve even got some shopping to do — we’re talking major busy day.

Well, I feel kind of bad that I really haven’t spent much time learning the discussions, or even memorizing scriptures since I’ve been home. I’ve got three weeks to do it all in now. Wish me luck!


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