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Missionary Journal – May 30, 1989

Man, this is hard. I’ve been saying goodbye all night — Kathy, Gina, Steve, Rachel, Laura. I’ve cried several times. I called Uncle Russell and things are set on his end. I also called Craig, but he wasn’t home. He might call me back. If not, I guess I’ll write him.

I packed all afternoon and shopped all morning. Mom and I went out to lunch too.

The Brooksbys came over with a nice present — a wooden pen and some stationery. Very nice, indeed. I said goodbye to them too.

I went over to the Walsh’s and said goodbye with mom. We talked a little about what I was going to be doing.

I don’t believe this, I’m leaving on a mission. Mom gave me a nice long hug tonight (it’s already 11 p.m.) and said she was proud of me but that she’ll miss me. I told her the only thing keeping me going is the fact that I’m obeying a commandment and that I know the Lord will bless me for my service. If I didn’t have such a strong testimony of the truthfulness and importance of this gospel in my life, there’s no way I could say goodbye to friends and family for two years like this. It’s very hard. I’m sure tomorrow will be the hardest.

As I leave all I know and love I hope and pray that the Lord will be with and protect them, and me.


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