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Missionary Journal – May 31, 1989

Right now I’m in the Boston airport on my way to Salt Lake City and Provo, via Boston and Cincinnati.

Brian didn’t go with us to the airport. He couldn’t handle it. He got up as we were leaving, crying and sobbing, to say goodbye. That made things very rough on me, but we both made it. He hugged me and said, “goodbye, I love you.” He’s a great brother. The rest of us said goodbye at the airport.

I cried quite a lot this morning, but more last night. I know I’ll make it…

I’m looking forward to a great two years.

I flew here on a small twin-engine plane. That was sure an experience. I read a few discussions and slept while en route. Now I’ve got another hour and a half to kill. Man, I hope my luggage makes it!

What a day! It’s already 11 p.m. — past the time I’m supposed to be asleep. It all seems like a dream. I can’t believe it.

I talked with two very nice people on the plane ride from Cincinnati to Salt Lake City. One of them, named Holly, gave me her address and said to call if I’m in Pocatello, which is where I thought I could be, but apparently, my mission doesn’t go that far. We’ll see.

Uncle Russ picked me up just fine and he and Ryan and I drove to Provo. They dropped me off about 3 p.m. and here I am! I was so bewildered. It’s like I floated in without seeing anything. I went through lots of “stations” and got tons of information. Then I had my luggage put away and was in a room with lots of people. We listened to Pres. Ed Pinegar and his wife talk and then the parents left the missionaries. It made me sad once again to see that. But I made it. I went through a lot more stations, met my three roommates, paid for books and room and board, went to dinner with my roomies, then to class, then we met as a district, then we unpacked, then we had district prayers, then I finished unpacking and organizing, and here I am.

Now it’s time for bed!


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