The start of first grade

On Monday Eliana began her year in first grade. She’s turning six next weekend and growing up right under our noses. I’ll include some photos with this post taken before and after school.

She seems to really enjoy going to school. The Sequoia died yesterday so I took her to school this morning and did the whole drop-off thing while Vickey waited for the tow truck to pick up the Sequoia and deliver it to the dealer for a new battery (luckily it’s still under warranty).

Ellie has been pretty good about doing her 15-30 minutes of homework in the afternoons or evenings. Vickey’s doing most of the homework supervision. I took my turn helping Ellie read last night and she still has a way to go, but people say it’ll just one day come together and be easy for her. We’re told that as long as that happens before she finishes second grade, she’s doing just fine.

Just ask her to recite plots or lyrics from Disney Channel shows and you’ll get an earful.

This has been an incredibly hectic week at work. I’m feeling the stress of operating my own agency with seven clients to keep happy, not to mention the few products we’ve got now. It seems I eat, sleep and work lately. I need to be better about doing activities just for me and the family. It seems weird to be saying that after taking a 10-day vacation earlier in the month.

Vickey’s at a Pampered Chef show tonight so the kids and I had dinner together then delivered most of the dozen birthday party invitations for Eliana’s pool party next weekend. It was hot and about halfway through Ellie decided she didn’t want to ride her bike any more. So there I was on rollerblades with Dominic in the jogging stroller and Tank on the leash trying to pull her bike along while she walked.

I told her next time she’s in the double jogging stroller with her brother and we’re not taking the bike. She just doesn’t have the willpower or ability yet to stay on the bike for a complete trip around the neighborhood.

We all had a couple scoops of ice cream after our walk to help us cool off.

Dominic lied down right after that and Eliana and I watched a movie and had popcorn – a fairly typical night at home with dad, although without a car (which I would’ve used for the invitation delivery), while Vickey was at a TPC show.

We’ll get the Sequoia from the dealer tomorrow and be back to being a two car family.

We’re looking forward to the extended weekend and hanging out with the Coglianese family on Labor Day.

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