Vickey’s birthday

We celebrated Vickey’s birthday this week. She had a pretty busy day with getting Eliana to school and attending to Dominic’s needs, picking Eliana up, running errands, etc.

We went out to dinner at our new favorite Italian restaurant, Casa di Amore, with Mark and Amber. We had a great time and really enjoyed the food.

Afterwards Vickey got a trip to J. Jill to work on spending some of the birthday money she received.

Vickey’s visiting teacher delivered a delicious chocolate bundt cake early that morning and we’ve been enjoying it all week.

It’s amazing how time seems to speed life along. It’s already mid-September and before we know it we’ll be celebrating New Years 2008.

Eliana and Dominic had tumbling classes this week. Dominic’s first class was today and after warming up to the structure of the class he really went to town. Vickey said he was running all over the place, doing the tumbling exercises, then falling down and saying “fall off” — a game inspired by the movie Spirit when the cowboy soldiers try to break the horse and keep falling off. It’s his favorite new game. That and ‘let’s see how fast I can run away from you in the crowded supermarket.’ Aah, to be two again.

Here are a couple photos for your enjoyment.

Dominic enjoying his bath.

Eliana posing for the camera.

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