What’s happening in Henderson

Here’s a quick update…

Dominic had a good doctor’s visit today. X-rays from the front show his femur is lined up well and you can’t even see that the bone’s broken. From the side there’s still some separation but he said it’s already moving back together nicely. Our next check-up is Jan. 2.

He said the cast and Dominic look good. He said Dominic is free to do whatever he can manage to do: crawl, roll over, etc. When we see the doctor again he may get the cast removed, or it may be another few weeks after that. It just depends on how well he heals. We’re just hoping there are no long-term problems for his leg. The doctor said there shouldn’t be.

We watched another little boy leave the doctor’s office and be placed in a car seat, so we decided to try out Dominic’s seat and sure enough, he does fit in it. That’s a very good thing because he’ll be much safer now when he’s carted to and from the doctor’s office. We’ll still use the wagon to transport him once we’re out of the car though. He’s pretty heavy with that big cast on.

We may tackle taking him to/from sacrament meeting on Sundays again. We’ll see.

Knowing he fits in the car seat may also open options for travel during the holidays. Still, with him in his cast, being mobile and out of town will pose challenges. We’re contemplating what may work in that regard but for now, we’re still planning to stay put during Christmas and New Year’s.

Last night our stake presented its annual Night of Choirs where choirs from each ward perform Christmas carols and everyone sings the Hallelujah Chorus at the conclusion. Vickey and I went to sing in our choir then came home early to get the kids to bed.

It’s hard to believe we’re only a couple weeks away from Christmas.

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