Archive | July, 2007

Watching the garbage truck


One of Dominic’s favorite pastimes is watching the garbage truck make its rounds. Every Tuesday and Friday morning he eagerly waits for the sounds and anxiously screams “truck” until someone takes him out front to watch the garbage guys do their thing. Dominic shares this interest with our neighbor’s boy, Brayden, who’s just a few […]

Happy birthday Sir Tank Thunderpaw


Today is Tank’s fifth birthday. He celebrated with the usual Sunday routine, chillin’ in his crate for most of the day while we were at church and the Coglianese home for dinner. He did get to run around the neighborhood tonight after dinner, once it had cooled to a reasonable temperature (around 100). I put […]

Little swimmer


Dominic has pretty much figured out that you can’t breathe under water. He has also figured out how to motor his way around the pool using his legs and arms. And just try to tell him not to jump in the pool, I dare you. He’s certainly a handful at the pool and requires constant […]

Happy Birthday Dominic


So today was the big number two for Dominic, 7/7/07, the luckiest day of the century. The morning was full of activity as we prepared for his birthday party. He even got to go shopping with Grandma Snow who of course treated him to some extra special gifts, and some for Eliana too. We welcomed […]