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For Father’s Day


For Father’s Day this year I had a completely normal, enjoyable Sabbath day. It was quite a bit different from Vickey’s Mother’s Day when I spent the whole morning shopping around Salt Lake City for a tire shop to replace our flat tire on the Sequoia and we spent the whole afternoon and evening driving […]

The Eagle has flown the coop


My parents are now at the Las Vegas airport waiting for their flight back to rainy Albany. It’s 100 degrees and sunny here in Henderson and in Albany it’s 64 degrees and rainy. We enjoyed seeing grandma and grandpa for a few hours yesterday and today, and going out to dinner with them last night. […]

The great search continues


We received a voice message tonight that my parents—who are hunting in southern Utah for a place to call home after my dad retires in a few years—are extending their trip and will be back in Vegas on Saturday afternoon before flying back to New York on Sunday. We hope they’re having fun researching and […]

Happy birthday dad


Yesterday my parents flew back to Vegas from Salt Lake City where they were visiting my brother and his family. The first order of business was for my dad to go to a quick care center to get a prescription for a painful sore throat he managed to catch in SLC. When I got home […]

Slowly taking shape


I spent some time this evening browsing WordPress themes to get our family blog more set-up. It’s amazing how many hundreds of available designs there are. Let’s hear it for open source code. I’ve been updating the family blog for an hour now and I’m really tired, so I’m headed to bed. Tonight Vickey had […]